How can we create a dictionary in Swift

To create an empty dictionary
var myDictionary = Dictionary<String,String>() 

A typical dictionary has a key, value pair, so
myDictionary["user"] = "Sander"

This dictionary has now one entry
assert(myDictionary.description == "[user: Sander]")

Add an extra value to the dictionary

The content of the dictionary will be
assert(myDictionary.description == "[user: Renny, password: Secret!]") // (!)Watch the space behind the :

Swift, Hello?

Hello, Swift.

The first program in every language is a ‘Hello, world’ example.
Let´s honor this tradition, but enhance it a little bit.

This is everything that is needed tot create the complete program.
I think it is Groovy!

Welcome to AppCoach


This is AppCoach, Your Coach in the land of Swift!

It is all about developing iOS / OS X Applications using the new language Swift. The language is new and we want to learn it. We also want to share our learning by writing small articles how to use swift, of course with a lot of sample code, thats the way We learn ;-) in the end Appcoach will lead you trough the land of Swift.

Who we are?
We are Sander and Renny, developers and in the process of writing applications for iOS / OS X and starting to use the new language Swift.

Please feel free to use these examples in anyway you like. Have fun!

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